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Spotlight on New Downtown Gettysburg Shop: Sweeet! Candy Shop

Published April 4, 2012

Gettysburg welcomes a new downtown shop and the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth! Sweeet! Candy Shop is located on the corner of Baltimore and Middle Street, one block from Lincoln Square, across from the Adams County Courthouse.

A little bit about them:

More than a name, it’s our life!
From traditional, old fashioned candies to local specialties, to new and awesome candies, you’ll never lack for something sweeet!

We carry over 1000 types of sweeets, including Pez, Dots, Wax Bottles, Tequila Pops (with worm), Goetz, Sour, Gummies, snacks, like chips, nuts, pretzels, ice cream and donuts, and to wash it all down, a variety of cold drinks from Coca Cola, Pepsi, RC and Moxie in glass bottles to coffee drinks, energy drinks, specialty drinks like Bacon Soda, Cucumber Soda, Buffalo Wing Soda and just plain old water, plus gifts! Magic 8 Balls, Lunchboxes, Pinatas, Pez Sets and Mucho Hello Kitty!

New items coming in weekly and Requests WELCOME!

I was immediately blown away by the selection!

What’s more fun than being “a kid in a candy store”?! (No matter what your age!)

Talk about unique- they offer all three flavors of Crick-ettes! (No joke!) They also carry Tequila Pops (with Worm), Scorpion Pops and Crickette Pops! A special “Fear Factor Gift Basket” with one of each is also available. Wash it all down with their extensive collection of sodas! Yes, you’re reading it correctly – Bacon Soda and Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda are on the shelf.

Sweeet! is a must-stop when in Gettysburg. Take a trip down memory lane with their traditional, nostalgic candies or try something new and bizarre! It’s all at Sweeet! Candy Shop.

Visit their website here.
“Like” them on Facebook here.

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