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Spotlight on New Downtown Shop- A&A Village Treasures

Published May 15, 2012

I am so excited to be writing about one of downtown Gettysburg’s newest shops – A&A Village Treasures. This store is a real gem! Located on 53 Chambersburg St., A&A offers fine candles, unique housewares, spa quality bath and body products, artisan food items, and an array of gift ideas for all occasions.

A&A Village Treasures located on 53 Chambersburg St.

Just from the look of their window displays I knew I was going to love this shop. After walking in, my eye was immediately drawn to their extensive selection of candles.

Reserve Goddess is a beautiful, feminine, light fragrance that I couldn't get enough of! Their wide selection of candles boasts extremely unique fragrances to suit all preferences.

In addition to candles, A&A offers other forms of home fragrance like their Effusion Lamps. I had never heard of an Effusion Lamp before and was blown away. Effusion lamps combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with the pleasures of exotic fragrances. The air purification technology destroys all odors and airborne bacteria and dispenses a wonderful aroma into the home. The effusion lamp uses a special stone that stays hot and converts fragrance oil into negatively charged ions. A&A offers many fragrance oils to choose from.

Effusion Lamps at A&A Village Treasures

Effusion Lamps at A&A Village Treasures

These gorgeous lamps are also for sale online!

Your home won’t be the only thing smelling incredible after a visit! Don’t leave without checking out their extensive, spa-quality bath and body products. Good news for the guys – a large selection of wonderful men’s products are available. (This will also make gift-giving easy for you, ladies!)

Owners Anthony and Armando are so helpful and friendly. They will be more than happy to assist you in finding a special gift for any occasion or simply a gift for yourself! They are adding new items to the store all the time so come back often. For more information on the store and their products visit the website here.

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