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Historic Walking Tours: A New Way To Experience Gettysburg

Published May 15, 2013

If you are planning a trip to Gettysburg, the National Military Park is undoubtedly one of your destinations to visit while you’re in town. The events of the Battle of Gettysburg are a vital part of our nation’s history, but there’s so much more to the story. Guided Historic Walking Tours through downtown Gettysburg will help you experience how people living in Gettysburg during the Battle reacted to the events unfolding nearby through a series of entertaining and informative 90 minute tours.

Licensed Town Guides use period photographs, newspaper accounts, diary entries and personal letters to give you a first-person account from residents who lived through the fighting and recorded their experiences as it was happening. It really helps to bring the town and its historic places alive as you walk through downtown, learning about the personal histories of buildings and the people who called them home.

There are a number of themed historic walking tours available — and most start at the Gettysburg Hotel at One Lincoln Square.

Gettysburg’s Tales of Murder, Scandal, & Curiosities (May 15-October 31)
You’ll explore some of Gettysburg’s more sorted and infamous locations — sites of murder, political intrigue, scandal. This tour departs from the Gettysburg Hotel on Friday evenings at 6pm. 90 minute tour

Gettysburg’s Mysteries, Oddities, and Strange Occurrences (May 15 – October 31)
A fun, quirky, and entertaining tour of Gettysburg’s odder and lesser known history. Guides will take you on a journey through the southern end of town. These true stories include a president’s ancestor, a murder from long ago, one of the first “mobile” homes, and more. Tour leaves from the Rupp House History Center at 451 Baltimore Street on Saturdays, 6 pm. 90 minute tour.

Walk with Lincoln
This tour follows the footsteps of President Abraham Lincoln during his November 1863 visit. This very special tour is given Saturdays at 1 pm and departs from the Gettysburg Hotel. 90 minute tour.

After the Storm-Focusing on the personal struggles of the town after the Union and Confederate Armies withdrew, this tour leaves from the Rupp House on Friday evenings at 6:15 pm and the Gettysburg Hotel on Saturday evenings at 6:15 pm. 90 minute tour.

If you’d like to reserve your place at one of the regularly scheduled tours or arrange a specialty or private tour, contact Joanne Lewis, Program Director, at 717.339.6161 or via email.

A schedule of tour times:

April 15 – November 22: Thursday-Monday: (10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm) Sunday: 1 pm only
May 15-October 31: Evening Tours– Friday and Saturday (6:00/6:15 pm)


Adults (18-61) $16
Seniors (62+) $12
Students (6-18) $12
Children under 6 Free

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