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Tour the Taverns of Gettysburg, Where History Happens

Published June 11, 2018

Some of Gettysburg’s most colorful and unusual history happened in taverns. Introducing one of the newest tours to Gettysburg, PA – the Tavern Tour.

Stroll with a Gettysburg Licensed Town Historian to the sites of some of Gettysburg’s most historic taverns and hear unusual but true stories that took place at these legendary watering holes. We talked with Linda Mixter, a Gettysburg Licensed Town Historian about the brand new Tavern Tour offered by the Historians. Did you know the first murder in the borough took place in a tavern? During this historical tour, you will learn stories about Presidents, fires, civil war activities, and temperance societies.

This 90-minute tour takes you on a historical journey from the Revolutionary time period all the way through the 1900’s. The tour begins with Samuel Gettys Tavern which was located on York Street and takes you to many other historical tavern origins. Among these stops are the Globe Inn, Wills House, Camp Colt’s Tanker Club, James Gettys Hotel, and many others.

The Tavern Tour was an idea that Linda had thought of to expand on the history of the taverns and show they were much more than just a bar. These were places that the community would come together to receive news and mail, read the newspaper or have the newspaper read to them, and where families would come to dine together. Linda said that the taverns were much more than a place to drink; they were a community center for the townspeople of the time.

Where do all of the stories come from? When the Historians are putting together their various tours, they use the Adams County Historical Society as a resource along with researching and reading through diaries, newspapers, and letters that were written from the townspeople and sent to the family that lived elsewhere. Linda has been with the Gettysburg Licensed Town Historians for 9 years. There are 13 total tour guides that are Licensed Town Historians. Each of the Historians has different stories to tell at the various stops and in turn, will create a new experience on every tour.

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