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While You Were Away

Published June 28, 2021

2020 was obviously a tough year, but as they say, turn lemons into lemonade! And have we ever! While you were away, we took the opportunity to make some “touch-ups” if you will, and by that, we mean our Ballroom, Atrium, and Stevens Room were stripped bare and completely refreshed.

The Atrium is even more inviting than before, now that we’ve added twice the seating, including a few marble surfaced high-top tables with bar stools to extend One Lincoln’s lounge area. The space is perfect for your cocktail hour, welcome social or as a place to relax and enjoy your first Starbucks of the day. The fresh paint is light, with exception of the dark blue accent wall, and you’ll love the “modernized” historic imagery.

The Stevens Room remains one of our most sought-after meeting rooms and is the ideal location for your business meeting, dinner party, pre-reception room, breakout room, you name it! We love the fresh carpet design, with swipes of blue and orange paying tribute to our Gettysburg College ownership. New wall treatments and elegant drapes add a crisp flair to the room.

And then, there’s our incredible new ballroom. It feels like our stunning space has finally gotten the beauty treatment she deserves. The room now boasts a new lighter carpet, modernized wall sconces, and the velvet drapes that once adorned the walls have been removed and replace with light and airy white sheers. Your up lighting is going to look amazing! Overall, the ballroom feels much more spacious than it did previously, in part because of one of the biggest changes to the room… we removed the dance floor and have replaced it with a mobile version. The room is now infinitely configurable. Having your business meeting? Great! We’ll remove the dance floor to limit the possibility of a flash mob during your important presentation. Having your wedding, but want all of your guests to sit in one end of the room together? Perfect. We’ll set up the DJ and dance floor on the other end of the space. Found that awesome seating idea on Pinterest and can’t wait to see if it’ll work? Share it with us and we’ll set the room at your discretion.

We cannot wait for you to walk back through our doors, take in the stunning changes and begin enjoying all that we’ve done to make our hotel your home away from home and as always, making our history… your destination.

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